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We're a creative marketing agency specialising in business-led website design. Our websites are beautifully designed with a focus on storytelling, led behind the scenes by strategy to help you grow your business. 

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Our five-star reviewed packages are tailored for your business needs. The best part is, your website will be easily adjustable for you in the future, saving the cost of hiring web developers for years to come.

We'll create a beautiful website that perfectly reflects your business and branding, showing up online in all the right places and encompassing your story and all that you do.  Whether you need to get bums on seats, products in baskets, bookings in the calendar or tickets sold- your website will be optimized to drive revenue, prioritize the right products and services, and drive your social media support into email subscribers so you never miss a lead. Your website can be accessed from anywhere, on mobile and desktop, optimized for user experience so that your customers know how to buy from you and what to expect.


We can have your website up and running in as little as a week, with a first draft completed within three days. Our websites are made to make life easier for you and your team, you'll be able to not only manage your business from behind the scenes but grow your enterprise to new heights.

Finding Alice Website Packages Overview

Clients include:


We’ll design a beautiful website for your business, with branding and palette colours, based on your logo or company offering. Your website will feature all the pages you need from e-commerce to booking platforms, showcases and portfolios.


Our favourite part of any website is the storytelling: letting customers know who you are, what you do and why you do it. If you don’t think you have a story for your business, we’ll help you curate one and lean on storytelling to help guide customers to check out. 


If you don’t know that SEO means Search Engine Optimization- don’t worry, you don’t have to! When we design websites, we design them with your key words in mind and ensure that all your links, photos, text and pages are optimized to show up on Google and other search engines. Our websites show up exactly where they need to - whether that’s on a local, national or international market.


We’ll do all the copy-writing for your website, making your business sound like you- and optimizing your pages to tell the customer what they need to know, where they need to know it- guiding them on a story through your website to the point of sale or booking.


We'll set up the right domain for your business and the first-year is included in every package. Whether you’re looking for a national domain (like .ie,, or .uk) or an international reach (like .com, .net, .global) or something more specific for your industry (like .tech, .io, .food) we’ll find the best domain for you.


We’ll set up the right apps for your business, depending on your business type- whether it’s an e-commerce store or a restaurant widget for bookings, a membership platform or a class booking system, a one-to-one clarity call or a voucher system. On our premium packages, we’ll optimize these apps to make sure that you’re not missing any sales on other platforms and we’ll set up your business where it needs to be across the internet.


If you don’t have photography for your business, we’ll find images for you online. We’ll also send you these stock images so that you can re-purpose them in your marketing and sales online. Our premium package also include business photography.


Your website will be fully optimized for mobile and desktop users, meaning that people can access your website from anywhere. We test the user experience on all our websites with a market research group and make sure that your website is accessible to everybody. 


On all our packages, we give you or someone in your business a full walk- through that we record so that you can refer to it in the future. This means that you don’t have to rely on website developers in the future to make little updates to your business, to add products to your store or update links. The platform we use is incredibly accessible and we’ve taught even the biggest ludites how to use it!

With our PR packages, we've had our clients feature in:

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"When we opened Lisboa it was important to us that we were telling the story behind the brand and the inspiration that made us bring this concept to Dublin.
We were delighted with the story and website that Finding Alice designed when we were starting out. More recently, Finding Alice's Press Release package got our business featured by Corinna Hardgrave in the Irish Times which led to a studio drop in on Today FM with Alison Curtis."

Lee Sim, Director of Lisboa Pastelaria

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