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Finding Alice is an Irish website design company that's passionate about promoting businesses in the Irish market across all industries whether you operate locally, nationally or internationally.

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Our founders have been designing websites and running businesses for years behind the scenes and finally put their heads together to create Finding Alice Media in 2023.

Our Irish agency, and the websites we design, are centered around telling the right story for your brand. That's where the name "Finding Alice" comes from. Our founders grew up loving fairy-tales, from Peter Pan to Alice in Wonderland and love how simple stories like these have the ability to transport people to other worlds. When we design our websites, we bring the magic of our client's business stories into their sales to help customers understand their story and mission when considering a purchase.  We make websites that tell stories for brands, optimized for sales and user experience and focused on revenue growth.



Whether you're a restaurant or bricks and mortar shop, a freelancer or artist, a tech company or start-up business: our packages are tailored to make sure that your website and online presence is truly optimized.

Our team is here to guide you through building your business online, with websites guided by our business knowledge and background. We want to make sure that within the first year, your business is making enough money for you to live on and that your customers always know where to find you.

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Whether you want to sell products on an e-commerce store, set up a booking platform for one-to-one coaching or group classes, use an app integration for restaurant bookings or set up your own click & collect platform, manage events or set up a community- all of this is easy to set up for you on our standard and premium packages.

Apps and integrations make it easier for your audience to reach you and for you to engage with your audience. We'll set up and design your shop, restaurant booking platform, events, classes or community and you can edit it yourself at your leisure when more opportunities come up in the future. The platform is so easy to use that even some of our clients who swear themselves luddites have easily managed to grow their businesses through the website we've designed.


Search Engine Optimization is a word you've probably heard of before but don't really understand. And that's okay, that's our job. 

When we create a website for you- we'll make sure you show up everywhere you need to. Our websites get over 300k+ hits per month combined, mostly from Google (over 80%) that far outweighs social media drive. That means your website will always be working for you behind the scenes. 

With our premium packages, when we optimize the apps that you sell through, we also use our business backgrounds to make sure your profiles show off the best parts of your business, products or services.

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Finding Alice


With all of our packages, our team will check in throughout the year and give you the latest updates for your website but also for the market that you're operating in and we're always around if you have questions or concerns. 

On our premium packages your business can also benefit from proposal designs for your products or services or menu design for your restaurant, a local photography session for your business and consultancy sessions that help you to grow revenue and stay up to date with the latest trends.

With the economic outlook uncertain, we'll make sure that your business is standing out from your competitors and that your brand is the first that people think of when they want to make a purchase in your industry.


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